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Yii 2 Url Helper

Url Helper

Url helper provides a set of static methods for managing URLs.

Html helper for Yii

Html helper

Every web application generates lots of HTML markup. If the markup is static, it can be done efficiently by mixing PHP and HTML in a single file, but when it is generated dynamically it starts to get tricky to handle it without extra help. Yii provides such help in the form of an Html helper, which provides a set of static methods for handling commonly used HTML tags, their options, and their content.

ArrayHelper for Yii 2


Additionally to the rich set of PHP array functions, the Yii array helper provides extra static methods allowing you to deal with arrays more efficiently.

Yii 2 Helpers


Note: This section is under development.

Yii provides many classes that help simplify common coding tasks, such as string or array manipulations, HTML code generation, and so on. These helper classes are organized under the yii\helpers namespace and are all static classes (meaning they contain only static properties and methods and should not be instantiated).