CodeLobster IDE - Free WEB Editor for PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
CodeLobster IDE - Free WEB Editor for PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS

A programmer's computer is different from a normal user's machine. We always run a lot of utilities, install a local WEB-server and database. Let's look at the basic functions of CodeLobster PHP IDE, this cross-platform IDE is absolutely undemanding on system resources. The developers decided to create a program with high performance and responsive interface for successfully solving various programming tasks. CodeLobster will help you cope with projects of any scale, feel free to add this application to your set of WEB developer tools.

CodeLobster IDE - Code Editor for Pros and Novices

The editor provides a quick autocomplete after pressing Ctrl + Space, pressing Shift + Ctrl + Space you will also get suggestions on the function parameters.

Automatic closing of brackets, quotes and HTML-tags in combination with error detection tools allow you to always write syntactically correct code.

CodeLobster has a built-in dynamic help system plus instant tooltips after hovering the cursor on item. Links to the official documentation can be found in the "Dynamic Help" tab.

CodeLobster IDE - Code Editor for Pros and Novices

The autoformating function instantly aligns the indentations and brackets position, just press Alt + Shift + F. If you copy and paste hard-to-read code, the IDE automatically makes it neat and symmetrical.

For basic functionality, you don't need to buy a license, use all these features for free and work with pleasure.

CodeLobster IDE for Individual Developers and Freelancers

You can choose the visual style of the program interface and more than 20 different color schemes for the editor. You will easily find the most comfortable scheme for your eyes, even if you often have to code at night.

An independent specialist personally interacts with clients and controls the efficiency of work. Spending time installing and configuring additional programs is unacceptable, it's much easier and faster to use the built-in IDE tools:

  • FTP client for website development directly on remote hosting. You can use a secure SFTP/FTPS connection, quickly synchronize files, edit and upload them to the server.
  • An access to the MySQL server, there your WEB applications store their data is also done from the IDE. MySQL manager and SQL editor allow to write and execute queries, easily manage database structure and tables in visual mode.
  • Integration with the XDebug adds a full-fledged debugger to the IDE. Watch on the values of local and global variables and execute scripts step-by-step, so you will protect yourself from annoying errors in programs.

CodeLobster for Companies and Large Teams of Programmers

CodeLobster is able to work with distributed VCS Git and provides developers with graphical tools to compare different versions of files and view commit history.

Automatic code formatting with flexible settings of coding styles allows to use ready-made styles: Allman, PEAR, PSR2 and Zend. Or create your own style so that all source codes meet the company's standards.

The CodeLobster IDE extension ecosystem includes plugins to solve even the most complex tasks:

  • Plugins to support PHP frameworks - CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, Yii, Smarty and Twig.
  • Extensions to use Bootstrap and JavaScript libraries - JQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, BackboneJS, EmberJS, MeteorJS and VueJS.
  • API support, installation and configuration of popular CMS - Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Drupal.

Download CodeLobster IDE official edition

You can download CodeLobster IDE distribution on the official website, this multilingual application runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

CodeLobster had a lot of positive feedback from its users, with it we program quickly, organized and without distractions.

Try to work with your favorite frameworks and experience convenient tools to improve your productivity.

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